Wednesday, November 5, 2014

More on the Bowser transition

WaPo's Mike DeBonis started the transition coverage November 3 with Muriel Bowser quietly gets mayoral transition efforts underway.   This story was updated November 5 with excerpts from the presser the mayor-elect held Wednesday.   During the clip, Bowser talks about the soccer stadium, the first 100 days, the issues to be tackled, and more.

DeBonis covered the November 5 presser in Muriel Bowser claims 'clear mandate,' but how she will use it is less clear.   Information about the transition team and its work―of particular interest to policy analysts and advocates―is woven through the article.   The key takeaway: transition leaders will be appointed soon.

DCist's Matt Cohen also covered the November 5 presser, in 'Transition' Has Begun For Mayor-Elect Muriel Bowser and wrote this about transition:

On Friday, Bowser will hold another press conference where she plans to announce the specific details of her transition plans, as well as the five people she's selected to lead them. Those plans, she said, will be unveiled online on a new website specifically created for the time between the end of Gray's administration and beginning of hers.


But until Friday, Bowser is remaining tight-lipped on what her transition plans will be. She said she started meeting with Council Chairman Phil Mendelson—who was reelected last night—weeks ago to discuss transition plans, and plans to meet with Gray later this week to iron them out.

Going forward, journos to follow regarding transition are Mike DeBonis, Martin Austermuhle, Tom Sherwood, Sarah Anne Hughes, and Matt Cohen.   And Josh Lopez is a must-follow on Twitter.

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