Tuesday, October 7, 2014

FY 2016 budget development has begun

On October 2, the Office of Budget and Planning and DC government agencies kicked off the FY 2016 budget.

Here's what we know about budget development:

  • The Continuing Services Funding Level directly from budget manual:
    The CSFL, which is Local funds only, will serve as the starting point for the FY 2016 proposed policy budget. For non-Local Funds, the starting point will be the FY 2015 budget. As in the past, the Special Purpose Revenue and Dedicated Taxes budgets will require Office of Revenue Analysis' (ORA) certification. Budget Review Team (BRT) meetings to discuss policy initiatives and costsaving proposals may take place in January. The BRT schedule is created and managed by the Mayor, not the OCFO.

    The CSFL is published on the OCFO's website for the public to view in October. In addition to serving as a comparative tool for policy decisions made by the Mayor, the CSFL for each agency shall serve as the agency’s FY 2016 Local funds Maximum Allowable Request Ceiling (MARC). Non-Local fund budget requests are not limited to MARC.

  • Budget submission deadlines:
  • Tier 1: November 7
  • Tier 2: December 5
  • Tier 3: December 23
  • Enhancements directly from budget manual:
    Program enhancements should not be submitted to OBP. AFOs are expected to work with the Mayor's Office of Budget and Finance (MOBF) to negotiate any proposed program enhancements.

There will be questions about which agencies are in which tier.   That information will be posted as soon as it is available.

Highlights of the budget development schedule are below.

FY 2016 Budget Development Schedule


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