Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ward 7 SBOE update

SBOE Ward 7 Representative Karen Williams sent this update September 8:
NCLB Waiver: On Wednesday September 3, the Board approved by a vote of 8-1 an extension of DC's No Child Left Behind Waiver. The Waiver is not perfect, but the Superintendent included in the Waiver some key components that persuaded me to vote with the majority to approve it. First off, without a Waiver, the conversation to continue to improve DC's school accountability system would have stopped dead in its tracks, and to me, the urgency of improving our schools across the District is too important to "press pause." The Waiver also includes two key components that greatly appeal to me: a new mechanism for sharing "best practices" between DCPS and charter schools to speed school improvement, and a new school support team created by OSSE to support failing schools in their efforts to improve. Finally, the Superintendent has made a commitment to education stakeholders throughout DC to convene a working group on what the next iteration of improved accountability will look like; the first meeting of that group is expected as soon as this week. I applaud Superintendent Aguirre's commitment to make this an inclusive process with all stakeholders invited to participate in improving our accountability plan.

Office of Student Advocate: The DC Board of Education has just initiated the process to hire a Chief Student Advocate to, among other things, assist DC students who face struggles or challenges their schools are not addressing. The primary role of the Office of the Student Advocate is to provide outreach to students, parents, and guardians regarding public education in the District of Columbia, support and advocate for students in interactions with school personnel, facilitate the school enrollment process for students by providing students, parents, and guardians with information on school admission, choice, application, and enrollment processes in District of Columbia traditional public and public charter schools, and help students, parents, and guardians access education resources offered by the public schools. I am looking for individuals from Ward 7 who might be interested in participating in the community review process of the final candidates please let me know @

Interested individuals can read more about this position on the District of Columbia Human Resources website, To apply, individuals must submit a cover letter, a résumé, ranking factor responses, and salary history to:

Office of the Director - Staffing Division
DC Department of Human Resources
441 4th Street, NW, Suite 300 South
Washington, DC 20001
Or by email. (

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