Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thought you might be interested Thursday

I don't know about you, but I find 404s annoying.   They annoy me as a blogger when I realize some of my links are broken and it is frustrating when I am looking for something and I land page with the 404 error message.

Thank goodness for Journalist's Resource.   They've identified ways practices which will reduce the likelihood of embedding links that die at some point in the future.   Website linking: The growing problem of "link rot" and best practices for media and online publishers is the result.   The recommendation categories are:

  1. Put in only essential links.
  2. Ensure that links are clearly visible, yet don’t obscure your text.
  3. Choose linking text and link behavior carefully.
  4. 4. URL and content stability is everything.
  5. Whenever possible, link to pages rather than PDFs.
  6. Always look for the most compact and direct URL available, and ensure that it’s clean, with no unnecessary information after the URL itself.
  7. Avoid link-shorteners, with one exception.
  8. Don’t link in a way that violates copyright or breaks through paywalls. While there are a lot of gray areas, do your absolute best to respect all laws and regulations.
  9. Verify after publication and check your links at regular intervals.
  10. As you’re building and maintaining your own blog or website, remember that other sites link to your content, and you want to keep those links alive.

Take the time to read the whole piece as the specifics in each category are useful.

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