Tuesday, September 30, 2014

TA: So you want a job? Make it easy for me to help you find one.

NOI's Kristen Dore spends a lot of time helping job-seekers.   As a result, she's got some specific advice for making the most of your job-seeking helpers:
As you might expect, those who made it easier for me to help them were able to land jobs quicker. In particular, there was one job-seeker who did something I hadn't seen before. After asking if I would be on his "job-search committee," this job-seeker sent a document explaining everything I would need to help him. Referring to this document allowed me to better target my efforts, and in turn took up less of my time (win/win).

Dore recommends people make a "brag book" including the kind of information that will make others help more fruitful.   For instance, include the kind of job you want, your salary requirements, and specifics about how the helper can help you.   Dore even provides an example.

Read the entire "Help Me, Help You" blog post.

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