Monday, August 11, 2014

Another take on CFO's strategic plan, some clarity and more information

So turns out after several reader comments and a call from an OCFO staffer, clarity is important.   As was pointed out, correctly so, much financial info is online in a usable format―on CFOInfo.   However, as I pointed out to OCFO staffer, what I understand people to want is the mayor's budget in Excel online when the PDF documents are released; that would be on   As you can see from the screen shot immediately below, the narrative and appendices, referred to as Chapter and Table respectively, are in PDF.

When you wander over to the CFO's website to look for the budget, you see what is shown below.

Note the sentence in the green box: "View and explore the District's operating budget with the interactive CFOInfo dashboard."   Click on the link and you end up at CFOInfo.   The first sentence on that site reads

Welcome to the District's web-based budget (amount of money planned for expenditures) and expenditures (the amount actually spent) dashboard. This dashboard includes data to present actual expenditures for Fiscal Years (FY) 2011, 2012 and 2013, the FY 2014 Approved Budget, and the FY 2015 Proposed Budget (as of August 7, 2014).

Good to know the proposed (that's what the budget that goes to the President is called) is available in usable formats.   Thanks, OCFO for making this happen.

I'll save other thoughts on transparency for another day.   If you have any, I suggest you email

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