Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Technology for good, examples from a news outlet

Do you know about the Center for Investigative Reporting?   According to Mediabistro's Morning Media Newsfeed - 7/16/2014 (click here to sign up for the daily email), CIR has secured funding to produce "Reveal," a new podcast supported by data, video, and online interactive tools.
CIR's Lisa Cohen says the nonprofit, nonpartisan journalism outfit will co-produce the show with the Public Radio Exchange, highlighting some of CIR's ongoing investigations, as well as the watchdog journalism of other initiatives, in their one-hour radio show.

Why does this matter to DC, local politics and public policy?   Because the site and the new program show what's possible.

One possibility, for example, is the video game designed to help kids make healthy eating decisions (see the blog post How CIR used a video game to teach kids about healthy eating).   There's no reason why a DC nonprofit could not do a similar thing.

Another example of possibility is described in 7 mass surveillance tools your local police might be using.   What this triggers for me is the idea that we could use technology to document landlord/property problems to make renter challenges more transparent.   Problems could be combined with building permit information and other types of info useful to current or potential renters.

What ideas do you have for using technology for good?

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