Tuesday, July 15, 2014

She Started It shows women can and are doing STEM

She Started It is a documentary largely by women about women for girls.   We've all read the stats and stories about growth in technology, the value of a STEM education generally and specifically for girls, and the dearth of support for girls in the booming science and technology fields. (See HuffPost's Women In Science And Tech By The Numbers (INFOGRAPHIC))

The documentary, to be launched this fall, takes aim at the problem and offers a solution: show girls that women are involved in science, math, and technology in very big and important ways.   Silicon Valley technologists and financiers who discount the role of women are a significant part of the problem.   And while we are a continent away, the DMV has skin in the game.   The growing tech field must better engage girls in STEM and highlight women in leadership roles.

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