Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Lessons from the field: learning from mistakes and more

The NonProfit Times piece "Marketing An A-Ha' Moment" offers much more than the title suggests.   Here are my noteworthy take-aways.

It's okay to change you mind, change course leaders learned that not every strategy that works in the for-profit realm will work for nonprofits, and sometimes you need to cut your losses.

Failing is acceptable (so long as you learn from it)

... failures are valuable teaching moments

It's not about you

"One of the things that’s most frustrating to nonprofit organizations is they're often angry at donors because they give to the 'wrong' things. The donor wants a simple problem and a simple solution, and the marketers ask rhetorically, 'What’s wrong with them?'"

Asking clients, constituents, what they want

First Book regularly surveys its constituents, and the results are often enlightening...

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