Friday, July 11, 2014

Hacking architecture for good

Ever in search of interesting ways to solve problems, I found The Architecture Of Abortion: How Providers Build Their Own Buffer Zones and was immediately intrigued.   I'm fascinated with the prospect of how architects can solve a human problem.
As a building type, women's reproductive healthcare clinics in the U.S.--and those states and municipalities who support and protect patients and workers--face a series of insidious challenges.

A 2013 survey of NAF members found that 92% of responding facilities were concerned about the safety of patients in the areas near a facility. Because clinics run on shoestring budgets, Brown learned that many resort to clever architectural hacks to help safeguard against protesters.

One clinic uses a sprinkler system as a kind of water “fence.” Another blares classical music to drown out the shouts from protesters. Yet another blasts industrial fans inside for white noise.

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