Saturday, July 12, 2014

#dcfy15 budget update, July 12

On July 11, Mayor Vince Gray vetoed the FY 2015 budget passed by the DC Council, returning the legislation with a letter detailing numerous problems with the budget (PDF).   From the press release about the veto:
Mayor Gray Vetoes Fiscal Year 2015 Budget
Mayor Cites Tax Hikes on Seniors, Steep Cuts in Funding to Streetcar Program, Tax on Wellness and Provisions Tying Hands of Future Mayors; asks Council to Work with Him on Compromise

(WASHINGTON, DC) — Mayor Vincent C. Gray today vetoed the "Fiscal Year 2015 Budget Support Emergency Act of 2014" and returned the Fiscal Year 2015 Budget Request Act of 2014 to the Council with three line-item vetoes. Mayor Gray cited significant problems in a number of areas of the Council's budget, and asked the Council to delay their summer recess for 30 days to work with the Executive Branch on a compromise budget that best serves the interests of District residents.

Not long after the mayor delivered his veto, DC Council Chairman Phil Mendelson responded in a statement to the press which begins
Statement on Mayor’s Veto of the Budget
Posted: 11 Jul 2014 01:35 PM PDT
Understandably, I am disappointed that the Mayor has chosen to veto the Budget Support Act and two sections of the Budget Request Act, relying on legal arguments that would eviscerate Council authority over the budget. Although he has tried to spin this action in the best light, a careful reading of his letter reveals two issues: (1) restoration of streetcar funding over tax cuts; and (2) objection to limitations on the Mayor’s unilateral ability to spend.

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