Thursday, June 26, 2014

"Chicken Fat" lives on

Thanks, Valerie Strauss, for Why kids in 1960′s knew the 'go you chicken fat go' song in today’s iPhone ads.   I'm a boomer, but at the tail end, so was not exposed to "The Youth Fitness Song" (aka "Chicken Fat") in school.   Strauss reports the song was central to President Kennedy's promotion of physical fitness.

There are two versions of the song.   The long version (linked above) was played during the school day to "accompany the official U.S. Physical Fitness program of the President's Council on Physical Fitness." (Source: John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum)   The shorter version is known as the "disc jockey version."   The lyrics of the long and short versions here.

In the 1990s, Dave produced the Chicken Fat Kids workout video (also below).   The first segment is from the 1960s when President Kennedy introduced the program; you'll see children and young adults doing pushups, stretching, and other activities mentioned in the song.

Watch and Listen to the video below for the shorter version of the song.   Interesting facts about the song and the president's effort pop up throughout the video.

And lest you think this song is no longer used, think again.   In 2012, the University of Evansville cheer squad and university president Dr. Thomas A. Kazee appeared in a video to promote Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winneke's initiative to have Evansville stay fit.   Watch the Evansville vid here.

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