Monday, April 21, 2014

What a new mayor will mean for sustainability in DC

DC Environmental Network recently sent an email urging green supporters to 1) attend the April 22 event with Mayor Gray (see Mayor Gray’s Sustainable DC Earth Day Event!) and 2) show the candidates for mayor that sustainability is important and worthwhile.

On April 22 from 6:00 - 8:00 pm at Langley Education Campus (101 T S NE), Mayor Gray will present a special first year progress report on the implementation stage of Sustainable DC.

As pleased as DCEN is with the progress, the organization also believes that the river cleanup and other work must be accelerated.   According to the email from DCEN:

Mayor Gray will not be Mayor in 2015 and it is not clear that the current candidates for this office will support a sustainability plan for the District. The environmental community needs a strong showing at this first year progress report and other sustainability focused events over the next 8 months to make it clear to decision makers that we want to make real progress on Sustainable DC now and after the Gray Administration leaves office.

LOT'S OF WORK TO DO: Our work has just begun. We all need to work hard to accelerate progress to clean up our rivers; reduce carbon emissions; develop a meaningful zero waste plan that does not include incineration; and continue to pressure our elected officials to promote sustainability principles with every decision that is made.

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