Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What can we learn from Virgin Atlantic?

I read articles such as this one from Fast Company about how a biz solved a problem and wonder why the human services (nonprofit) sector doesn't do more of this.   Sure, nonprofits seek to help, but in my experience, there's not a lot of problem-solving going on.

What do I mean by problem-solving?   I mean looking at how your clients are doing―are things better, worse, or the same for them?   Why?   What can we (the organization) do to change this?   Of these things to change, which are ours (nonprofit's) to change and which are for others to change?

Beyond this, what is the organization's natural inclination?   Is it to look inside or outside first?   I think the answer to this question is incredibly important.   Not sure all change must be done on the outside.

What do you think?

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