Monday, April 14, 2014

The value of evaluation

This campaign season, candidates are all about solutions to problems.   As a problem solver, I'm all for that.   But what I am more interested in is improving outcomes for stakeholders of all kinds (first and foremost residents, but also businesses) based on what works and doesn't―with an accepted tool and process rather than by anecdotal evidence.   If all candidates do is talk about more or less or different, we never get to what really works.

My proposal is to embrace evaluation across the government and government-funded services.   Before adding or subtracting more money, let's look at what works.   Some of this is already being done.   One City Summer Initiative, which has morphed into One City Youth, is all about evaluation.   Take a look at the evaluations of One City Summer Initiative.

And before you jump all over me, this is not directed at a particular candidate or set of proposals.   This is based on years of work in public policy in DC.   And understanding that it's easy to criticize without having all the information.

All I'm suggesting is that we work smarter based on agreed-upon outcomes and evaluation tools.

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