Friday, April 11, 2014

Recent #dcfy15 activity on Twitter

I was curious about what people are saying about Mayor Gray's proposed FY 2015 budget so used #tagboard to create this:

The screenshot shows about one-third of the Tweets associated with #dcfy15.   And while the people tweeting have fairly good reach across the city, I was most surprised that so few advocates (individuals and organizations) were using Twitter to share information and ask questions.   The illustration below was generated using Tweet Binder.   You can see how few people are using Twitter for #dcfy15 advocacy, information-sharing, information-seeking, and the like.   This is in sharp contrast to Twitter traffic last year, at least as I recall the activity.   I understand we are only one week into the #dcfy15 budget, so I'm not expecting a huge quantity of Tweets, but ones from more people.


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