Thursday, April 24, 2014

Preparing for east of the river youth crime meeting Apr. 24

From a EotR group email:
Join us and other community organizations this THURSDAY as we discuss youth violence and how we can get all of our young people involved in positive activities.

When: Thursday April 23rd
Time: 6pm - 8pm
Where: Anacostia Neighborhood Library

I'm a strong believer in knowing what has happened in the past and understanding the research associated with a problem I am trying to solve.   To help prepare myself for the meeting tonite, I'm looking at the following so thought I would share:

Here's some history on youth violence plans and intervention in DC:

  • D.C. YOUTH DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION PLAN:   This was written in 2005 to address the spike in youth homicides during the Williams Administration.   The two purposes of the strategy were: 1) Launch a youth violence intervention strategy that can deliver near-term, powerful results; and 2) Lay the groundwork for a sustainable investment in our city’s young people guided by the values of positive youth development.
  • Positive Youth Development Continuum Matrix
  • Draft notes from the July 11, 2005 hearing on juvenile violence and homicides:  
    1. Need better outcomes and greater accountability
    2. There are gaps in knowledge about funding for programs for children and youth. The city (government and nonprofits) should maximizing funding
    3. The city must institutionalize collaboration, coordination among government agencies and between government and the public
    4. Improving quality
    5. Involve youth in the process of program and anti-violence plan development
    6. Improve the capacity of community-based organizations to do the (outcome-driven) work required to prevent and intervene effectively
    7. Put in place required youth worker training

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