Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How does your ward stack up in registrations for the Age-Friendly DC Walk?

Are you one of the 120 or so people registered to participate in the soon-to-take-place Age-Friendly DC Block-by-Block Walk between March 20 and April 15?   As of March 2 at 4:00 pm, registration by ward looks like this:
  • Ward 1:   15
  • Ward 2:   13
  • Ward 3:   17
  • Ward 4:   22
  • Ward 5:   18
  • Ward 6:   15
  • Ward 7:   8
  • Ward 8:   5

Ward 4 is ahead with registrants as you can see.   What isn't included are the commissioners in Single Member Districts in Ward 6; all have said they will participate.   Where will that leave Ward 4?

You don't have to be an ANC to participate.   Lots of regular people, including college students, are volunteering.

It's easy to register and easy to volunteer.   Sign up here.   And as for volunteering, you and a couple others will walk (or drive if need be) a Single Member District and take notes.

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