Thursday, March 6, 2014

Get yourself some data: The Indices is out!

So what, you ask?   This is the best compilation of data for DC I've seen.   The report, which is published every few years, contains descriptions of DC government agencies, data in tables and maps, and (I think for the first time), pictures, and infographics.   And this year, the report is in color.

In the 2013 edition:

  • Chapter 1:   Washington, the Government and the People
  • Chapter 2:   Demographic Characteristics of the District
  • Chapter 3:   Economic Development
  • Chapter 4:   District-wide Planning
  • Chapter 5:   Government Operations and Finances
  • Chapter 6:   General Services, & Housing and Community Development
  • Chapter 7:   Health and Human Services
  • Chapter 8:   Community Services and Neighborhood Amenities
  • Chapter 9:   Education
  • Chapter 10:   Transportation and Environmental Services
  • Chapter 11:   Public Safety

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