Monday, February 24, 2014

Get your walk on March 20 - April 15

Will you join the more than 100 individuals and organizations already signed up to participate in the March 20 - April 15 Age-Friendly DC Block-by-Block Walk?   Add to the momentum by registering on the Age-Friendly DC website.

The 2014 Walk will do more than just identify community assets and areas in need of improvement.   It will be the first time that assets and areas needing improvement will be systematically cataloged by government and community.

People of all ages are needed to volunteer for the Walk.   Volunteer teams will survey the city Single Member District by Single Member District.

The Walk has something for everyone.   You get to meet new people.   You will see things you've not seen before.   You and your team will observe things in a different way.   And DC residents 50 and older will benefit!   (So will all residents, visitors, and people who work in the city.)

If you would like to play a leading role, become a Team Leader.   Trainings for Team Leaders continue this week and you can schedule one for your community by contacting Gail Kohn via email.

Not interested in leading?   Promote the event and encourage folks to volunteer by distributing the Age-Friendly DC Block-by-Block Walk flyer (PDF).

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