Monday, December 9, 2013

How do you like your research and data?

Susannah Fox asks for feedback on the numerous reports and infographics Pew has produced.   Fox is particularly interested in whether a compilation of health reports would be useful.

I admit, I'm a Pew fan.   But that's not why I'm interested in Fox's questions.   I'm interested in how people access and use information because I 1) want to learn and 2) am in the information-sharing business and want and need to do better.

What are your thoughts on Fox's questions:

How do you hear about new research? Do you tune in right away, when it’s first published, or later? What format do you find useful — tweets, slides, videos, infographics, fact sheets, reports? How about these blog posts I write and the conversations that ensue? What do you find valuable?

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