Sunday, November 3, 2013

FY 2015 Continuing Services Funding Level released

The Office of the Chief Financial Officer has released the FY 2015 CFSL (Continuing Services Funding Level).   See below.

General and specific assumptions are the backdrop to each agency CSFL.   And before you freak out, remember that this is an accounting function.   The CSFL, like the mayor's proposed and the DC Council approved budgets, must be balanced.   Also remember this is just one step in the process.   The others steps are:

  1. Agencies develop their budgets and submit them to OBP for technical review
  2. The mayor proposes his budget
  3. The DC Council reviews and amends

Just as Nat Gandhi, CFO, wrote: "I hope this document will assist the Mayor and the Council with your decisions in developing the FY 2015 budget."

FINAL_FY 2015 Current Services Funding Level Budget_Sent 11-1-13.pdf

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