Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What's the status of your nonprofit or government program during the federal shutdown of 2013?

Some organizations are closing, some are staying open but communication varies so it's hard to tell.   So, Strengthening Ward One Together, coordinated by Columbia Heights/Shaw Family Support Collaborative, has launched several tools to collect and share information about nonprofits staying open and closing.   All the tools are on this blog on the Nonprofit Status During Shutdown page.   Please take a few minutes to share your information.   It's quick and easy and incredibly helpful!

But wait, there's more.   Columbia Heights/Shaw and Bread for the City are calling together DC nonprofits for a meeting Thursday, October 10 at which nonprofits can talk about what they are doing and share intel, all related to the federal government shutdown.   Time and location are forthcoming, but mark your calendar for the Thursday morning meeting.

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