Monday, October 14, 2013

Mark your calendar: DC Independence Day, Oct. 21

DC residents are taking action against the Congress and President, hostage-takers of the DC budget.

A new collaboration of advocates, activists, residents, stakeholders, and others has come together to call attention to the District's lack of budget autonomy.   The plan is to recognize DC Independence Day October 21, 2013 on Capitol Hill.   Individuals and organizations are encouraged to participate in the way that's most appropriate for them.   For example, a dance program could stage a short performance.   An OST program could offer the program on the hill.   The options are endless.   And at a time certain, we will all gather for a collective event.

Stay apprised of the actions leading up to and on DC Independence Day on the #FreeDC'sBudget blog.   If you are interested in taking an action between now and DC Independence Day, join the DC Independence Day Google Group and share your plans.   All plans will also be described on the blog so the world will learn how to get involved.   Finally, tweet away using the #FreeDC hashtag.

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