Thursday, October 3, 2013

Introductions from the dais Oct. 1

Eric Jones, Ward 5 resident, again has compiled a list of introductions from the dais, this time from the October 1 DC Council session:
Councilman David Grosso (I) At – Large
--Bill 20-0506 – the D.C. Fiscal year Designation Amendment Act of 2013 – this legislation would Amend title 47 of the District of Columbia Official Code to change the District Fiscal year for budget and financial management purposes to July 1 of each year to June 30 of the succeeding calendar year.
Co-sponsors were Bowser, Cheh, Wells & Mendelson

Chair Pro Tempore Councilman Kenyan McDuffie (D) Ward 5
--(Co-Introduced by Chairman Mendelson) Bill 20-0505 – the Critical Infrastructure Freedom on Information Amendment Act of 2013 – this was originally going to be introduced on an emergency basis but the Councilman introduced it as regular legislation so that a hearing could be held on it.
Co-sponsors were Alexander, Bonds, Cheh & Orange

Councilwoman Mary Cheh (D) Ward 3
--Bill 20-0500 – the Farmer’s Markets Act of 2013 – this legislation would allow for the Mayor to create a Farmer’s Market Ombudsman to assist the dozens of farmers markets in the city which operate on a regular basis as they interact with the government. In addition it would also increase SNAP funding for use at farmers markets in the city.
Co-sponsors were Bonds, Bowser, Evans, Wells, Graham & McDuffie
--Bill 20-0501 – the Conversion Therapy for Minors Prohibition Amendment Act of 2013 – this legislation would amend the Mental Health Service Delivery Reform Act of 2001 to prohibit the use of practices designed to change the sexual orientation of a minor by a licensed mental health provider.
Co-sponsors were Grosso, Alexander, Wells, Catania, McDuffie, Bonds, Bowser, Evans, Graham, Orange & Mendelson

Councilwoman Muriel Bowser (D) Ward 4
--Bill 20-0502 – the Ready Return Establishment Act of 2013 – this legislation would amend Title 47 of the District of Columbia Official Code to establish an automated tax return program for simple returns. This would allow individuals to simply review and confirm information used when they calculate their federal tax return and then file their local return based on the same information.
Co-sponsors were Cheh, Bonds, Wells & Orange

Councilwoman Yvette Alexander (D) Ward 7
--(Co-introduced by Bowser, McDuffie, Barry, Bonds, Graham & Wells) Bill 20-0503 – the Alcohol Beverage Window Advertisement Limitation Act of 2013. This legislation would amend Title 25 of the District of Columbia Official Code to require that all advertisements related to alcohol beverages can only be displayed in the window of a licensed establishment if the total area covered by the advertisements does not exceed 25% of the window space.
--(Co-Introduced by Cheh, McDuffie, Evans, Catania and Barry) Bill 20-0504 – the Tobacco-Free Kids Smoking Restriction Amendment Act of 2013 – this legislation would make it illegal to smoke tobacco products in a vehicle when there is a young person below the age of 13 present. Further it would also create an escalating penalty provision for each violation of the new law.

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