Friday, September 13, 2013

What are you doing for Voter Registration Day Sept. 24?

National Voter Registration Day is September 24.   Will your business, nonprofit, or DC government agency participate by encouraging staff and clients/constituents to register to vote?   National Voter Registration Day has numerous ways for you to engage those with whom you work including these tweets:
Tweet 1
Millions of people will vote this year to decide 1,500 elections nationwide. Register to vote at #CelebrateNVRD

Tweet 2
National Voter Registration Day 2013 is coming! Join us! #CelebrateNVRD

Tweet 3
Have you moved since Election Day 2012? Make sure you're registered to vote at your new address! #CelebrateNVRD

If you're looking to make use of scheduled National Voter Registration Day events, take a look at the #CelebrateNVDF map.

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