Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rec opportunities grow in Ward 6

The Department of Parks and Recreation just announced the expansion of services in the Ward 6 with the renovation of the New York Avenue Recreation Center and formal agreement with a local nonprofit to operate youth programs at the Butler-Wyatt Boys and Girls Clubhouse #2, located at 128 M St NW.   Thanks to the partnership with the Perry School Community Services Center and the Save the Bill Butler and Julius Wyatt #2 Clubhouse Fund, DPR is able to provide programming to DC residents of all ages.

According to the release,

The goal of these partnerships is to provide a safe environment for the youth and their families; to offer skills and opportunities to build confidence, develop strong character, and acquire the skills needed to become productive, civic-minded and community- focused responsible adults.

But these two nonprofits are not the only partners in this new endeavor.   MPD will continue its role in OST and other programming at the clubhouse and DC Children and Youth Investment Trust Corp. will fund programming and train staff through their recently launched Center for Excellence in Youth Development.

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