Monday, August 26, 2013

"Progress" in Ward 6 (DC history II)

Urban Renewal and Grief in Ward 6 does a terrific service to those of us who have been told about the wholesale clearing out of part of Ward 6 back in the day.   If you're like me, that's about all you heard.   Blog author Johanna Bockman, who is a sociology professor at George Mason University, walks through the grief that planners caused when they "cleared out the housing and 23,500 residents" to "build a 'new town in the city."

Bockman's post summarizes the findings of Where are they now? A study of the impact of relocation on former residents of southwest Washington, who were served in an HWC demonstration project, pulling out some interesting findings.   For example, I would not have expected government officials to have two groups of residents, one a control group and the other one that received additional supports.   This is but one of the interesting items from the book.

If you do public policy in DC, read the Bockman piece.   It's worth the time.

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