Sunday, August 18, 2013

DC residents working for statehood

(UPDATE: Link fixed 9:15a 8/19) Support statehood for the 633,000 citizens of Washington, DC asks residents of other states to sign the petition demanding members of Congress and President Obama to support statehood for DC.   To date, the petition organizers have collected 231 of their goal of 300 signatures.   On their behalf, I encourage you to sign.

Neighbors United for Statehood is using grassroots organizing to achieve the statehood goal.   The recent blog post Not Just Meeting but Acting for Statehood Too shows and describes how the loose-knit organization is taking action for statehood and voting rights.   This is how blogger Josh Burch described August 24 rally and march poster-making at a recent meeting:

"Posters were developed to highlight our model, that the statehood movement should have its roots and its leadership come from the people and the neighborhoods that make up the District of Columbia. Statehood is not an abstract political theory discussion, for those of us that live here it is something that determines whether 633,000 tax paying American citizens deserve to be treated equally with our neighbors in the 50 states."

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