Friday, July 12, 2013

Are you registered to vote in DC? Is all your info up-to-date?

Now is the time to correct your contact information with the DC Board of Elections.   DCBOE is in the midst of it's biennial canvass, an effort to update the voter rolls.   The process is easy...   just follow the instructions on the postcard you should have received in the mail.   DCBOE explains (PDF):
On July 1, 2013, the Board provided the public with a brief overview of the Canvass process. This document, "BOE Voter Canvass Process," located in the Newsroom section on the BOE website, explains how BOE uses the voter canvass to update the voter roll. The direct link is: Biennial Canvass Overview.pdf.

The Board of Elections encourages each District voter who receives a canvass card to read the instructions and take the appropriate steps. If all of the voter’s information as contained on the card is correct, no action needs to be taken. If the person to whom a card is addressed does not reside at the address shown on the front of the card, the box on the card should be checked, and the card dropped back in the mail. If the voter’s name or address needs to be updated, the voter should complete, sign, and return the form on the postcard to the Board with the appropriate postage.

But wait, there's more: If you work at a nonprofit and with residents, you can encourage them to do as the Board of Elections asks.   This is one way you can participate in a good government, good democracy exercise.

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