Sunday, June 23, 2013

Support DC statehood while celebrating the 4th

From an email from the DC Statehood Coalition:
Join the DC Statehood Coalition and other statehood supporters at DC's famous Palisades Parade on Thursday, July 4th at 11AM. We would like to have every DC neighborhood represented to show the strong momentum behind statehood. Just this week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) co-sponsored the New Columbia Admission Act, which grants statehood to neighborhood Washington, DC.

After we march for statehood, we can enjoy free food and drink, courtesy of the Palisades Citizens Association.

Meet us at 4755 Whitehaven Pkwy NW Washington DC (where MacArthur Blvd meets Reservoir Road). Since the parade starts at 11am, please arrive by 10:30am and look for statehood banners and signs.

Please RSVP at Eventbrite or at Facebook.

For more information on the statehood movement, please visit

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