Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mayor Gray proposes three strategies in education transformation journey

Today Mayor Gray presented his vision for education in the District of Columbia.   An excerpt:
Today, we take the next step in our journey to transform public education in the District. Now, the plans and proposals I will share with you may not send out seismic shockwaves or make big headlines – but they will make a real difference to District families and students.

. . .

To achieve our goal, we must rapidly expand the number of high-quality school programs for all learners. And today I want to talk about our three overarching strategies for getting there. Each of these strategies is based on what we have heard from members of our public education community and feedback sessions we have held over the past two years:

  • First, we’re going to scale up existing pockets of excellence to serve more students;
  • Second, we’re going to strengthen existing schools and programs to ensure that they provide the highest-quality education to the largest number of students; and
  • Third, we’re going to simplify the way families access all aspects of our education system.

Scroll to the bottom using the link above if you want a printable version; it's in PDF.

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