Tuesday, May 21, 2013

FY 2014 budget documents from the DC Council

The DC Council will hold the first and only vote May 22 on the FY 2014 budget request act and the first of two votes on the FY 2014 budget support act.

Related documents are:

Two items jump out as earmarks, the practice banned during Vince Gray's tenure as DC Council chair.   The first is the $1 million for truancy:

... the Committee increases the budget for the Justice Grants Administration, under DMPSJ, by $1million to fund grants to neighborhood collaboratives...

The second is for counseling services:

Additional funding is provided for vital contractual services in this cluster, such as an additional $65,000 in grief counseling services through the Wendt Center.

At the same time, however, the Committee of the Whole calls for better granting processes, though if this new BRA provision applies to the earmarks is anyone's guess.

General Budget/Balancing Exercises
In recent years, much attention has been focused on the targeting and oversight of grants within the District’s budget. In response to these concerns, which were shared throughout the District government, the Council proposes that procedures for the administration of grants, and reporting requirements that lay the groundwork for rigorous oversight, be included in a subtitle of the BSA. Funds set aside for grant-making in the FY 2014 budget will be subject to the provisions of the Grant-Making Administration Act. This legislation establishes specific transparency, competition, clean-hands, reporting, and other requirements to safeguard public dollars and ensure the integrity of the grant-making process.

Those interested in watching the latest budget battle should tune in to the May 22, 10:00 am Committee of the Whole meeting and the 11:00 am Legislative Meeting in the Council Chamber on Channel 13 via OCT.

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