Monday, May 20, 2013

Consider signing this petition supporting neighborhood schools

Education experts, advocates, community leaders, and parents have come together to support and advocate for matter-of-right neighborhood schools and other important education policies.   This group, primarily comprised of parents, is gathering signatures on a petition to 1) gain support for some basic principles and 2) move the issue of matter-of-right neighborhood schools.   The petition's preamble says this:
A critical mission for our city is to ensure great, matter-of-right schools from pre-school through high school graduation in all of our communities.

In large parts of the city, parents have little confidence that there are viable, matter-of-right neighborhood options for their children, and find themselves at the whim of a lottery system. That reality undermines their enthusiasm and even willingness to stay in the city and detracts from quality of life for all of our citizens.

The petitioners are encouraging folks across the city to sign the petition.

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