Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Salute to Sylvia Brown

Sherice A. Muhammad, candidate for the ANC 7D-06 seat recently sent this email to the Deanwood Yahoo Group.   I agree completely!
I'm trying to slow my motor now that Election Day is a wrap! I just wanted to say thank you to Commissioner Sylvia C. Brown for her years of hard work and service to the communities of the SMD 7C-04.

She has been on the front line to speak for our community relentlessly and steadfastly. ANC Commissioner is a thankless job and makes you wonder sometimes, "Why am I doing this?" But, I have to say, publicly, thank you Sylvia for all that you have done and attempted to do in speaking for the voiceless.

Best wishes to you in your future endeavors!

Best regards,

Sherice A. Muhammad
ANC 7D-06 Candidate
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