Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mayor's November 14 sked

Mayor Gray's regular biweekly presser is being held November 14 from 10:00 - 11:00 am at Kennedy Recreation Center (1401 7th St NW, at the corner of 7th and P Sts).   As part of the regular press event, Mayor Vincent C. Gray will unveil his administration's five-year economic development strategy for the District, a strategy that is designed to bring 100,000 new jobs and $1 billion in new tax revenue.

According to the release,

The Five-Year Economic Development Strategy delivers on the Mayor’s promise to provide a bold, comprehensive plan to guide the District’s economic-development work across multiple agencies. The press briefing will serve as an opportunity for District officials to highlight the plan’s six economy-centered goals for the District and the way officials will allocate resources to meet those goals. The plan is the result of collaboration between a Strategy Advisory Group composed of representatives from the private and public sectors in cooperation with the District’s university community. The strategy will serve as a roadmap for bringing 100,000 new jobs and $1 billion in new tax revenues to the District over the next five years.

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