Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hash recipe featuring apples from CAFB

Today's National Health Blog Post Month post comes from Capital Area Food Bank.

Just take a look at this Sweet Potato, Apple, Onion Hash―does it not look amazingly good?   And good for you.   According to the food bank,

This Sweet Potato, Apple, Onion Hash is a great way to "Get Your Plate in Shape," as it is filled with orange veggies, fiber, and satisfying flavors that span the sweet and the savory....A versatile recipe, the dish is great with grilled chicken or eggs, tossed into a soup or rolled into a whole grain tortilla.

The recipe features apples, November fruit of the month.   Later this month, you will see recipes for vegetables of the month, one of which is kale!

Picture courtesy of CAFB.


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  1. Wow! Looks Yummy!! I love the mix of sweet and savory. Satisfies all of the taste bud "hot spots".


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