Friday, November 2, 2012

DC Early Childhood Funding and Services: A Visual Resource Map

This post by Soumya Bhat of the DC Fiscal Policy Institute is part of National Health Blog Post Month.
Did you know that DC has more than 30 programs across six city agencies that deliver early childhood education and development services for young children and their families? The DC Fiscal Policy Institute recently released an early childhood resource map (PDF) that offers a snapshot of these programs and their funding levels. To help families better understand what public resources are available to them, this map offers a visual guide to our city’s public investments in programs serving children from birth to age five.

The map highlights what services are offered, the target population for each program, and how much was spent in fiscal year 2011. Readers can quickly find programs by budget cluster or DC agency, and then scan down the program columns for at-a-glance funding and service information. Narrative descriptions are also included that provide more detail on individual programs.

DCFPI hopes the resource map is useful for DC residents and policymakers alike, as we work to increase transparency and coordination between agencies and programs serving children from birth to age five in the District.

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Health-related funding DCFPI includes in the map are:


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