Thursday, September 6, 2012

One day remaining to take Children's Budget Report survey

Procrastinate no more!   The deadline to participate in the Children's Budget Report improvement survey is September 7.

The responses to date have been thoughtful and helpful.   Examples include:

Differentiate expenditures by age groups of children (birth to five, six to 18, 18 to 24)

Use graphs and charts to provide useful information. Provide fiscal information for each agency by program area/expenditure. Provide real information on budgets for each area.

Make it easier to understand how much money is being spent and what is spent for. Add comparison data/info from other locals, when possible, so we can measure ourselves.

But you're not off the hook.   The Deputy Mayor for Education and the Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services want all the input they can get!   Please take the survey today.

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