Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Changing behavior with fun

The folks at Volkswagen are onto something cool and useful: Identifying ways that fun will result in behavior change for good. shows how doing things differently can result in behavior change, change for good.   The piano staircase example here and below illustrates that making a small change to a public staircase can engage people and perhaps lure them from their usual transport, the escalator, to the static, and musical, staircase.

What are the ways the District―government and community―can use fun to change behaviors to elicit better results on individual and community levels?   I'm no design expert so I encourage you to read what Dan Lockton has to say in the post "Thoughts on the 'fun theory'" (the theory stuff starts in the Triggers section).

Will using fun theory in DC policies and practices solve all our problems?   Certainly not.   But maybe instituting fun along with other behavior change mechanisms will put us on the right path to better health, improved auto safety, and greener living.

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