Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Advocacy in action: community opposition to the proposed AdMo Hotel

Hundreds of individuals and several groups―including Columbia Road Commercial & Friends, Champlain Street Neighbors: Hotel Study Group, and Adams Morgan for Reasonable Development―have signed onto the letter opposing the proposed Adams Morgan hotel project.   Opponents of the hotel cite numerous reasons for their position:
  1. Projects like the proposed Adams Morgan hotel not only doesn't expand affordable housing it threatens what affordability and diversity we have remaining.
  2. The City is finding money and tax breaks for luxury hotels while they are cutting Homeless centers, cutting TANF, and other social services geared towards DC's working-poor and families. This is a great paradox of City spending priorities and is not acceptable.
  3. Planning of any project, including this proposed hotel project, cannot allow the voices of those who will be most directly impacted be left out of the conversation almost entirely just because they are immigrant families and small business owners. This is discrimination and is inappropriate for planning in the 21st century in the Nation's Capital.

You too can sign on to the letter.

More information about the hotel and opponents' views are on the NoAdMoHotel website.

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