Friday, August 10, 2012

Report on community-based efforts to reintegrate juvenile offenders

In late July the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services (DYRS) released the first quarter FY 2012 DC YouthLink Quarterly Performance Report (PDF).

New reporting areas for this DC YouthLink include re-conviction rates (often referred to as recidivism), workforce development, and educational outcomes.   Some of the findings are:

  • Re-Conviction Rates: Since DYRS began tracking arrests in April 2011, 83% of DC YouthLink enrollees have been in community-based placements without being found guilty of a new offense.
  • Workforce Development Outcomes: In the first quarter of FY 2012, 15 youth earned new, unsubsidized employment.   The measure means "youth attaining employment, youth maintaining employment, youth earning professional certifications and youth participating in internships."
  • Educational Outcomes: During the reporting period, seven youth earned a high school credential.   The measure means "youth achieving a high school credential and youth enrolling in post-secondary education."
  • Continued downward trajectory in abscondence rates.
  • Nearly two fold increase in the number of youth receiving mental health and substance abuse services.

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DC YouthLink is a coalition of nonprofit organizations.   They've partnered with DYRS to reintegrate juvenile offenders into their communities by providing a host of services and supports to the youth and their families.

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