Thursday, August 2, 2012

An essential back-to-school supply

Did you know that the most important school supply of all is a library card?

Yup, ‘tis true.

The whole world is available to young and old at the library.   At the DC Public Library, you can check out books and movies.   Young children are exposed to stories, the excitement of language during story hour.   Young people can get homework help and some teens even can get a job at the library.   Older folks can get assistance with resumes and job searches.

The library opens up a whole new world.   So visit your library today, get a card and start checking out the world―here and very far away.

Getting a library card is easy.   You can do it online at or in person.   School-age children may apply for a card; young children may receive one upon request by a parent.   [Note:   A child’s record cannot be reviewed by the parents under the "District of Columbia Confidentiality of Library Records Act of 1984" (DC Law 5-128).   The child must initiate such a request.]

If you are running a back-to-school supply drive, be sure to include information about how children can get a library card.   And remember the parents; they need a card, too!

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