Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Take action with your Ward 5 peers

"Job training not bus parking at Crummell School" is the mantra of Empower DC and many residents of the Trinidad neighborhood.   This is in response to a proposed plan by the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development’s to locate a bus rest area and lot at the historic Crummell School.

According to the ABC piece Ivy City Community demands job training not bus parking at Crummell School and the blog post Ivy City petition supports job training over intercity bus parking at Crummell, opposition to the government's plans stems from an unfilled promise of economic development and other revitalization in this community.   As of this writing, 278 individuals had signed the Job training not bus parking at Crummell School petition.

Empower DC' Grassroots Media Project has summarized the issue, including a recent community-government meeting, and presented the demands of Ivy City residents.

Empower DC is calling on residents and other stakeholders to contact Mayor Vince Gray and members of the DC Council and share the community's demands.   The contact information and message are on this Empower DC Facebook page.   Empower DC is also encouraging residents and others to attend the July 25 press conference at which time the organization will announce the lawsuit it plans to file against the city.

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