Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Online chat about graffiti July 25

DPW's July 25, Noon - 1:00 pm live chat is about graffiti.   Join the conversation here.

DPW is interested in hearing your answers to these questions:

  • Have you seen more instances of graffiti around the District of Columbia or in your neighborhood?
  • Has your home or business ever been tagged with graffiti?
  • Are you familiar with DPW's free graffiti abatement program and other initiatives to help property owners clean graffiti?
  • Are you a business that gets repeatedly tagged with graffiti and looking for a way to end the cycle of vandalism?

DPW is also interested in answering questions from the community.   Residents are encouraged to submit the address of locations that have been spray painted with illegal graffiti.   Frequently tagged businesses can also request to have their site considered for a free mural to help eliminate illegal graffiti.

Transcripts of all chat sessions can be reviewed after the session by using link above.

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