Monday, July 23, 2012

Event: Sustainable DC and the District's Latino Community

The DC Environmental Network is hosting Sustainable DC and the District's Latino Community August 8 at Noon to talk about the city's efforts to be more inclusive and sustainable and the existing and/or planned role in this effort of our growing and vibrant Latino community.

This brown-bag lunch event includes the Office on Latino Affairs (OLA) and Department of the Environment (DDOE).   Questions to be considered are:

  • How can both the District government and local environmental community do more to diversify the green movement?   Why is this important?
  • What can DDOE and OLA do to increase outreach on sustainability initiatives to the Latino community? What is already occurring or planned?
  • What can the local environmental community do to increase outreach?   What is already occuring or planned?
  • What are some of the potential environmental issues of concern to the Latino community?

More information and RSVP details are on the DCEN event page.

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