Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sustainable DC Twitter Chat, July 31

Sustainable DC is holding a Twitter Town Hall July 31 from 3:00 to 4:00 pm.   The meeting will focus on four cross-cutting topics―health, education, jobs, and equity―and how each relates to sustainability.   The information gathered during this online exchange will help the DC government develop vision statements and goals for each topic.

Office of Planning Director Harriet Tregoning will use the planning department Twitter handle @OPinDC and DDOE Director Christophe A.G. Tulou will be using the Department of the Environment Twitter handle @DDOE_DC.   Participate in the event by using and following the hashtag #SustainableDC.

DC government agencies using social media - are you on the list?

Do you work for a District government agency?   Is your agency on Twitter and Facebook?   Are you on this list of DC gov agencies using social media?   If not, enter your agency's Twitter handle or Facebook page address.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Help connect resources for better access

Do you use a resource directory to connect clients to resources?   Would you like to better connect to community-based resources to benefit your clients?   One way to do this is to connect the actual resource directories.

You’re invited to participate in a discussion about developing common language and ways to categorize services for the many community and organizational social services resource directories.   (This organization/categorization is called a taxonomy.)   Attendees will also be talking about what fields should be required in the District’s 211 system Answers, Please! before a record can go live.

The meeting is taking place August 3 from 1:00 – 3:00 pm at Bread for the City (1525 7th St NW).   RSVP online.   You are encouraged to attend.

What do you want to know about the DC budget process?

If I had a FAQs for Susie the budget analyst, the first item would be "Would you please explain the budget process?"

Over the years, individuals, nonprofits, and the government have explained the process.   Two of my explanations are the DC Budget Process (PDF) and DC Budget Quarterly Timelines (PDF).   Both attempt to link the government process and advocacy opportunities.

Fan favorite DCFPI's explanation is Overview and Timeline of the DC Budget Process (PDF), part of the organization's budget toolkit.

The government's explanation (from the FY 2009 budget proposal) is similar to DCFPI's in that it is all narrative.

I've recently had conversations with budget and issue experts across the city as part of my contracting gig with the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services and Deputy Mayor for Education and one of the issues that keeps coming up is the need for an explanation of the District's budget process.   My question to my blog readers is this: What do you want to see in a description of the DC budget process?   Feel free to leave a comment on the blog or submit suggestions in the What do you need in an explanation of the District's budget process? survey.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Economic development spending in FY 2013

Of the $790 million in economic development incentives citywide and in each Ward, $580 million is dedicated to Ward-based projects.   By far, most will be spent on Wards 5 and 8 projects.   Two school projects―Dunbar Senior High School and Brookland Middle School―are on the Ward 5 list.   In Ward 8, projects include St. Elizabeth's East Campus infrastructure improvements and the Ballou Senior High School renovation.

Just over $600 million is directed to agencies.   Sixty-five percent is dedicated to DC Public Schools and the entire amount will be expenditures versus tax abatements or credits.

The CFO is required to report all potential sources of economic development incentives in the mayor's proposed budget.   District of Columbia Unified Economic Development Report, FY13 Economic Development Incentives under the Mayor’s Proposed Budget and Previously Authorized Expenditures is the latest of the reports.

The report and five appendices are on the CFO website in the Unified Economic Development Report section.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Update: Panera Bread free unsold products

Ward 7's Sylvia Brown, rock star that she is, has provided additional information about Panera's Day-End Dough-Nation program.   According to the Panera website,
At the end of each day, Panera Bread donates all unsold bread and baked goods to local area hunger relief agencies and charities as part of its local Day-End Dough-Nation program. Collectively, Panera bakery-cafes donated a retail value of approximately $100 million worth of unsold bread and baked goods in 2010 to help neighbors in need. Many of these organizations are served by Feeding America, formerly America's Second Harvest, the nation's largest domestic hunger-relief organization.

So register so you can get day-end food for your clients.

Beating the heat July 26

The Department of Parks and recreation has announced expanded pool hours for July 26.   This is in response to the National Weather Service prediction that temps will reach 100 today.   The heat advisory is in effect from Noon until 8:00 pm.

This weather is dangerous, especially for children, the elderly, and homeless (you can call the United Planning Organization about water for homeless individuals and families, (202) 399-7093.

Cooling centers throughout the city are open.   To find a cooling center, call 311 or go read the HSEMA cooling center list (PDF).

Remember to be safe and here are some precautions to take:

  • Staying indoors as much as possible and limiting outside ventures between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Wear light-colored, lightweight and loose-fitting clothes
  • DO NOT leave children or pets in vehicles

The Department of Health also provides safety tips in extreme hot weather.

Mayor Gray and education folks talk student proficiency July 26

On July 26 at 3:30 pm, Mayor Vincent Gray will be joined by government education agencies to announce the results of the District’s Comprehensive Assessment System (DC CAS) for the 2011-2012 school year.   Representatives from the Office of the Deputy Mayor of Education (DME), Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE), State Board of Education (SBOE), District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS), and District of Columbia Public Charter School Board (PCSB) will attend.

The announcement takes place at Neval Thomas Elementary School (650 Anacostia Ave NE).

According to the release,

Administered annually to District students in Grades 3-8 and 10, DC CAS exams are designed to measure student proficiency, performance and growth based on state content standards. Students were tested in math, reading and science in 2012 and scores will be assessed for the first time under the District’s waiver from the federal No Child Left Behind law. Results are statewide and represent both DCPS and D.C. Public Charter Schools.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Online chat about graffiti July 25

DPW's July 25, Noon - 1:00 pm live chat is about graffiti.   Join the conversation here.

DPW is interested in hearing your answers to these questions:

  • Have you seen more instances of graffiti around the District of Columbia or in your neighborhood?
  • Has your home or business ever been tagged with graffiti?
  • Are you familiar with DPW's free graffiti abatement program and other initiatives to help property owners clean graffiti?
  • Are you a business that gets repeatedly tagged with graffiti and looking for a way to end the cycle of vandalism?

DPW is also interested in answering questions from the community.   Residents are encouraged to submit the address of locations that have been spray painted with illegal graffiti.   Frequently tagged businesses can also request to have their site considered for a free mural to help eliminate illegal graffiti.

Transcripts of all chat sessions can be reviewed after the session by using link above.

Mayor Gray presents One City Action Plan at regular presser July 25

Mayor Vince Gray will present the One City Action Plan July 25 at 11:00 am in Room G-9 of JAWB.   The plan incorporates items identified at the February 2012 One City Summit and items the mayor has heard from residents across the city.   Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development Victor L. Hoskins, Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services BB Otero, and Deputy Mayor for Education De’Shawn Wright will join the mayor.   The four will discuss how the Mayor’s One City vision will be accomplished.

The action plan announcement will begin the Mayor’s regular Biweekly City Hall Press Briefing.

A summer tip for DC advocates

Did you know summer is a good time to meet or catch up with DC Council staffers?   You'll find tips like this in Communications for DC Advocates: How-to's and lessons learned over 15 years.

The guide provides basics of and advanced suggestions and tips for advocacy communications.   Buy it here for only $35.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Your help is needed to connect community resource lists

One of the greatest challenges associated with connecting electronic resource lists is the classification of services.   The group working on improving the city's 211 system is also tackling community list.   You're invited to join us in the initial conversation about the community taxonomy* August 3 from 1:00 - 3:00 pm at Bread for the City, 1525 7th St NW.   RSVP here.

Homework for the meeting is to review the Bread for the City resource directory taxonomy.   We know we won't make all decisions at this meeting, but it will be a good start.

At this meeting, we will also consider the fields that should be required before records go live in 211.   Participants in the 211 effort have expressed concern that some records have too little information to be useful to residents or providers wanting to refer clients to other organizations.   The Department of Human Services, the government lead on 211, is interested in hearing what recommendations the community has about which fields should be required in order for a record to be published.   Two documents to review before the meeting: 211 field names and 211 sample records list.

Background on the community taxonomy discussion
The city's 211 system uses a proprietary taxonomy system developed by LA211.   The LA211 system is incredibly detailed and designed to make categorization of services and supports easy.   The LA211 system also has annual costs.   You can see the system in action by going to Answers, Please!/211.   The community systems (see the list on Google Docs) use their own categories, tags, and keywords.   The folks who have been working on improving not only 211 but general access to more and better information about community resources agree that in order to connect the various systems (for example DC Food Finder and The BRIDGE Project), we need a common categorization system.

Have questions?   Feel free to email me.

*Taxonomy is defined as a classification system.   Practically, this means that the system starts with a broad category such as housing and moves to the specific such as subsidized housing for large families or subsidized housing for adults with disabilities.

Take action with your Ward 5 peers

"Job training not bus parking at Crummell School" is the mantra of Empower DC and many residents of the Trinidad neighborhood.   This is in response to a proposed plan by the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development’s to locate a bus rest area and lot at the historic Crummell School.

According to the ABC piece Ivy City Community demands job training not bus parking at Crummell School and the blog post Ivy City petition supports job training over intercity bus parking at Crummell, opposition to the government's plans stems from an unfilled promise of economic development and other revitalization in this community.   As of this writing, 278 individuals had signed the Job training not bus parking at Crummell School petition.

Empower DC' Grassroots Media Project has summarized the issue, including a recent community-government meeting, and presented the demands of Ivy City residents.

Empower DC is calling on residents and other stakeholders to contact Mayor Vince Gray and members of the DC Council and share the community's demands.   The contact information and message are on this Empower DC Facebook page.   Empower DC is also encouraging residents and others to attend the July 25 press conference at which time the organization will announce the lawsuit it plans to file against the city.

S.H.A.P.P.E. testimony about truancy and more

S.H.A.P.P.E. director Cathy Reilly testified before the council's Committee of the Whole July 12 and 13 to talk truancy and the future of public education in the District.   Her testimony on behalf of the group is on the S.H.A.P.P.E. website (scroll down).

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Event: Sustainable DC and the District's Latino Community

The DC Environmental Network is hosting Sustainable DC and the District's Latino Community August 8 at Noon to talk about the city's efforts to be more inclusive and sustainable and the existing and/or planned role in this effort of our growing and vibrant Latino community.

This brown-bag lunch event includes the Office on Latino Affairs (OLA) and Department of the Environment (DDOE).   Questions to be considered are:

  • How can both the District government and local environmental community do more to diversify the green movement?   Why is this important?
  • What can DDOE and OLA do to increase outreach on sustainability initiatives to the Latino community? What is already occurring or planned?
  • What can the local environmental community do to increase outreach?   What is already occuring or planned?
  • What are some of the potential environmental issues of concern to the Latino community?

More information and RSVP details are on the DCEN event page.

Yummy summer treat

Looking for an easy dessert that will wow those around the dinner table or visiting for the evening?   Then you've got to try this Blueberry Nectarine Crisp (Word).   It's quick and oh, so good!

Board of Ethics and Government Accountability has a website

An announcement from the District of Columbia Board of Ethics and Government Accountability July 20:


The District of Columbia Board of Ethics and Government Accountability (“BEGA”) announced today that it has established a website, available at www.bega.dc.gov. The Board will post on its website meeting announcements, proposed rules and regulations, vacancy announcements, and other information related to Board activities. In announcing the website, the Board thanked the District of Columbia Office of the Chief Technology Officer for its assistance in establishing the site.

As noted on the site the Board will hold its first meeting on Wednesday, July 25, 2012 at 3:00 p.m. at One Judiciary Square, 441 Fourth Street, N.W., Room 1116 Washington, D.C. 20001. The Board will hold a public meeting followed by a closed session. Members of the public are welcome to attend. Questions about the meeting may be directed to bega@dc.gov or by calling Robert Spagnoletti, Chairman, at 202-628-4199.

(UPDATE 7/23 1a: See the July 23 issue of themail for an assessment of this notice and practices of the BEGA.)

Friday, July 20, 2012

News and questions about Farmers Market Nutrition Program usage in DC

Learn how to prevent and identify child abuse

Safe Shores has four child abuse prevention and recognition trainings scheduled now through October.   Safe Shores uses Stewards of Children,
a revolutionary, interactive, evidence-based child sexual abuse prevention training program developed by Darkness to Light, a national child sexual abuse prevention organization. Stewards of Children educates adults to take simple, proactive steps to protect children from sexual abuse, including how to prevent, recognize and react responsibly.

Upcoming training dates are July 24, August 21, September 11, and October 16.   Pre-registration is required.   To register or for more information about trainings, call (202) 645-3200, email Safe Shores, or go to Safe Shores' prevention page.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

ICYMI: Akhter takes leave from DOH

In case you missed the rumors in JAWB and this Washington Informer story earlier this month, Dr. Mohammad Akhter, Director of the Department of Health, is taking an unpaid leave of absence to serve on the Executive Board of the District’s Health Benefit Exchange Authority (HBX).   APRA's Dr. Saul Levin will serve as the Interim Director of DOH during Akhter’s absence.

You can get in touch with Levin via email.

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NELP asks "What's Wrong With This Picture?"

According to the National Employment Law Project's Raise the Minimum Wage project,
Tuesday, July 24th, marks the three-year anniversary of the last increase in the federal minimum wage. Since that last increase, prices of basic goods such as milk, gas, and college tuition have climbed steadily, but the federal minimum wage remains stuck at $7.25 an hour -- just over $15,000 a year for a full-time worker. The consequence is clear: Over the past three years, the real purchasing power of the minimum wage has fallen by nearly seven percent to $6.77 per hour.

It's time for Congress to act. Representative George Miller of California (D), the ranking member of the House Education and Workforce Committee, will be introducing legislation to (1) increase the minimum wage from $7.25 to $9.80 by 2014, (2) raise the tipped-worker minimum wage to 70 percent of the full minimum wage, and (3) index both to inflation thereafter. The minimum wage has historically enjoyed bipartisan support -- we'll need as many House co-sponsors as we can get.

Here's how you can help: Tell your to co-sponsor the Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2012. And join us on Tuesday, July 24th -- a National Day of Action to Raise the Minimum Wage -- to fight for a raise for America's workers!

It's time to make economic recovery about the well-being of workers. Working families and our economy as a whole cannot afford another year of stagnant wages. Let's raise the federal minimum wage and give workers and the economy the boost they need!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Paper or Plastic, a new take on the issue

ABC Family's Bunheads uses dance―what else?―to portray how plastic bags harm the environment.   Take a few minutes to watch this clip. (UPDATE: go to 38:30)

Staying cool on another hot, hot day

The forecast for today is more wicked heat and humidity, hot enough for the city to implement the Heat Emergency Plan (plan in PDF).   This weather is dangerous, especially for children, the elderly, and homeless (you can call the United Planning Organization about water for homeless individuals and families, (202) 399-7093.

Cooling centers throughout the city are open.   To find a cooling center, call 311 or go to the HSEMA website (PDF).

The Department of Parks and Recreation has expanded pool hours today.

Remember to be safe and here are some precautions to take:

  • Staying indoors as much as possible and limiting outside ventures between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Wear light-colored, lightweight and loose-fitting clothes
  • DO NOT leave children or pets in vehicles

The Department of Health also provides safety tips in extreme hot weather.

Tell the story of quality summer programming for youth

Do you run a summer program for children and youth?   Help DC Alliance of Youth Advocates (DCAYA) tell the story of how quality summer programming contributes to positive youth development outcomes for young people.   DCAYA needs pictures and examples of outstanding, outcomes driven-summer programs in five categories: Health/Nutrition/Athletics, Civic Involvement, Arts/Theatre/Music, Academic and College Prep, and Work Readiness/Life Skills.   Sharing is easy; go to the DCAYA website for details.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

DC Council on recess

The DC Council is on recess until mid-September.   The first collective actions of the council upon return are the September 18 Committee of the Whole and the September 18 legislative meeting.

DPR extends pool hours July 17 and 18

Anticipated searing heat has prompted the Department of Parks and Recreation to extend pool hours July 17 and 18.   Details about the extended hours along with tips for staying cool are on the HSEMA Facebook page.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Brown bag talk about urban poverty, July 19

Mark Andersen, We Are Family co-director, and American University Assistant Professor of Sociology Michael Bader will talk about the innovative methods used by scholars to study urban poverty and the creative activism by community organizations addressing it at a brown bag lunch July 19 from 12:30 – 2:00 pm at Institute for Policy Studies (1112 16th St NW, Suite 600, Conference Room).

More information, including how to RSVP, are on the event web page.

Free food from Panera in Dupont Circle

The Panera Bread Café in DuPont Circle (1350 Connecticut Ave NW) will donate day-old bread, pastries, and bagels to community groups.   The store throws away every night up to eight trash bags full of unsold baked goods baked earlier in the day.   The restaurant will give community organizations the food at closing, 9:00 pm.   If interested, call the store, at (202-862-8536), to make arrangements for pick-up.

This was originally posted on the DC Food For All Google group.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Mayor Gray on NewsTalk July 13

Mayor Vince Gray will appear on News Channel 8's NewsTalk with Bruce DePuyt July 13 from 10:00 - 11:00 am.   Watch NewsTalk live, http://news8.net/.   Call (703) 387-1020 or email questions between 10:00 - 11:00 am.

Learn more about the Housing For All Campaign July 18

Join the Coalition for Nonprofit Housing & Economic Development (CNHED) for a Housing For All Campaign orientation July 18 at 6:30 pm.   The event takes place at CNHED's office (1432 U St NW, behind City First Bank).   Attend and you will hear about the campaign's vision for a full Continuum of Housing in DC, learn about successes so far, and the campaign's next steps.   CNHED welcomes all to share their skills and vision, and get involved in the Housing For All campaign.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

WPC updating their progressive org directory

Washington Peace Center is updating its organization directory of more than 300 progressive organizations in the DC Metro Area.   The directory is a terrific resource for connecting with others.   To be included in the directory, complete the online form.

TFA-DC Region hiring senior development staffer

Teach for America - D.C. Region is seeking a Managing Director of Development (MDD).   According to the job posting, the MDD:
will help lead our campaign to raise over $30 million in operating revenue over the next 4 years. The MDD reports directly to and works closely with the Executive Director on setting and executing high level development strategy, managing and developing a team of talented development professionals, and managing a portfolio of donors and prospects. The MDD will also serve on the D.C. Region's Leadership Team.

The Managing Director of Development is responsible for developing a diverse and sustainable local funding base and to achieve the funding growth necessary to support the regional program. He/she gets to know the funding landscape through self discovery and information gathering so that he/she can hone in, with focus and strategic insight, on the biggest opportunities and challenges in development in the D.C. Region.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July's free webinars listed by Wild Apricot

Here is Wild Apricot's round-up of free webinars for nonprofits and membership organizations for July 2012.   Choices on the list include fundraising, social media, volunteer management, and board management.

Mayor Gray holds regular biweekly presser July 11

Mayor Vince Gray's regular biweekly press briefing is being held July 11 from 10:00 - 11:00 am as part of the Green Alley Program Launch.   The launch and briefing take place in the alley between 58th and 59th Sts and Dix and Clay Sts NE.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Miriam's Kitchen hiring advocacy director

Miriam's Kitchen needs to fill the opening for Director of Advocacy (PDF).   The nonprofit seeks
a highly motivated, enthusiastic thought leader who is dedicated to guest-driven advocacy, a skilled and engaging public speaker, passionate about mobilizing a broad range of stakeholders, and an expert on issues of homelessness and homelessness policy efforts.

Baked Treats to Save School Libraries, July 11

Baked Treats to Save School Libraries
Wednesday, July 11, 8:00 - 11:00 am
Mayor’s Office – 1350 Pennsylvania Ave NW

16,000+ DC Students Will NOT Have a Librarian!
57 DC Schools Will NOT Have a Librarian!
There is money in the DC Public School budget for librarians (and other key staff) – without cutting teachers.

Stop by the front of the John A. Wilson Building Wednesday morning to make a donation to the school librarian collection being organized by concerned parents.   While you're there, sign the petition to save school libraries and librarians.

Some of my treats―cinnamon chip sour cream muffins and chocolate chip sour cream muffins―will be available for a donation.

More information is in the event flier.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Take some time this summer to refresh your advocacy skills

Summer is the perfect time to buy Communications for DC Advocates: How-to's and lessons learned over 15 years.

And then there is this from Veronica O. Davis, PE of Life in the Village and Hillcrest Transportation Committee:

Where was this when I started advocacy in DC? This is an extremely useful guide that helps understand the process and best way to communicate to decision-makers.

The guide provides basics of and advanced suggestions and tips for advocacy communications.   Buy it here for only $35.

Pre-leg meeting press briefing July 9

DC Council Chairman Phil Mendelson will be briefing the press on the agenda for the July 10 legislative meeting July 9 at 10:30 am in Room 412 of JAWB.   If you can't make it to the Wilson Building, you can watch the briefing via Granicus or the OCT live feed.

Education-related public roundtables by DC Council

The Committee of the Whole has noticed (PDF) a July 12, 10:00 am public roundtable on Truancy Reduction in the DC Public School System School Year 2012-2013.   According to the notice,
The purpose of this public oversight roundtable is to hear testimony regarding the response of DCPS to the problem of truancy and to ascertain what DCPS ought to do as well as what it plans to do to reduce truancy in school year 2012-2013 (which begins August 27, 2012). Experience predicts that many of the District’s current students with high rates of truancy will never finish school and, as a result most likely to struggle to become responsible, productive citizens.

Check the notice for registration details.

The Committee of the Whole is also holding a public roundtable on July 13 at 1:00 pm on Public Education in the District of Columbia: What priorities should the Council address during the Remains of Council Period 19 (PDF).   According to the notice,

The purpose of the public oversight roundtable is to receive testimony regarding the important issues confronting public education in the District, and what the Council out to address during the remainder of this year. In as much Council leadership has changed, this hearing is a useful opportunity to reassess the priorities that need legislative or oversight attention.

Check the notice for registration details.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Are you registered for Alert DC?

How did you find out about power outages and restoration, hyperthermia alerts, free food, and the like during the recent storm emergency?   If you're like me, you took advantage of HSEMA's Alert DC system.   The system "provides rapid text notification and update information during a major crisis or emergency. This system delivers important emergency alerts, notifications and updates" to via text or email.

If you don't subscribe to Alert DC, it's easy to sign up.   Provide your email and pick a password and select the information you want to receive.   Choices include weather, traffic, and neighborhoods.

So sign up today.

Teens talk pregnancy, parenting, and education at August 3 summit

Pregnant and parenting teens participate in the August 3 New Heights Summit at Eastern High School (1700 East Capitol St NE).   The teens will join Mayor Gray and others on a panel and will talk about how the New Heights program has helped them stay in school and parent better.

Sponsored by the Department of Human Services, DC Public Schools, and the Student Support Center, the summit will share information about the program's collaborative efforts to effectively work with expectant and parenting students in the completion of their high school education.   This school-based initiative engages expectant and parenting students in 15 DC high schools (13 DCPS and two DC Public Charter Schools) and is designed to to improve the attendance and graduation rates as well as prepare the students for college or careers, and prevent subsequent pregnancies.

The summit takes place from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm.   Register online.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 11 deadline for getting SNAP benefits replaced

From the District government July 3:
The severe storm, which hit the region last Friday, June 29, 2012, continues to have lingering effects. The Food and Nutrition Service denied the Districts request for automatic replacement of benefits, since the District did not experience more than 50% loss of power due to the storm. Therefore, the Department of Human Services will receive requests for Replacement Food Stamp benefits, also known as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance. DHS will accept requests at all DHS Service Center locations and at the mass feeding sites. (See attached) Residents must be a current Food Stamp recipient and received a benefit in June 2012. Residents must report the loss within 10 days of Sunday, July 1, 2012. Therefore, DHS will not accept any requests for replacement benefits after close of business July 11, 2012 at 8 pm. All requests must meet the requirements of 7 CFR §276.6.

Applicants must make the request orally or in writing and provide the following information no later than July 11, 2012 for the request to be processed:

  • Proof of DC address
  • DHS case number or social security number
  • An estimate of the value of the destroyed food or copies of receipts of replaced food
  • A signed statement attesting to the household’s loss
    DHS will verify the power loss with PEPCO and process the requests as soon as possible. The maximum amount of replacement cannot exceed the resident’s food stamp allotment in June.

If you have any questions, please contact Richard Walker at 202-698-3958.

Service Centers
Anacostia, 2100 Martin Luther King Avenue, SE (202) 645-4614, fax (202) 727-3527
Congress Heights 4001 South Capitol Street, SW (202) 645-4546, fax (202) 654-4524
Fort Davis, 3851 Alabama Avenue, SE (202) 645-4500, fax (202) 645-6205
H Street, 645 H Street, NE (202) 698-4350, fax (202) 724-8964
Taylor Street, 1207 Taylor Street, NW (202) 576-8000, fax (202) 576-8740

Mass Feeding Sites: When available
Langdon Community Center - 2901 20th Street, NE
Guy Mason Recreation Center - 3600 Calvert Street N.W.
Takoma Community Center – 300 Van Buren Street N.W.
Emery Recreation Center located at 5801 Georgia Ave. N.W.
Deanwood Recreation Center – 1350 49th Street N.E.
S. E. Tennis and Learning Center located at 701 Mississippi Ave. S.E.

Beating the heat July 5

It's going to be another hot one so keep practicing those stay-cool activities and actions.

The Department of Parks and Recreation has extended pool hours for the rest of this week and save for regular maintenance closures, all pools with power will be open.   Find pools and hours here in this DPR list (July 4).

Remember, water is available for homeless individuals and families; call the United Planning Organization at (202) 399-7093.

Information from the Department of Parks and Recreation

The Department of Parks and Recreation shares information on agency programs and activities and seasonal information on the online platforms Facebook, Twitter, and the DPR website.   Register online to receive Email Press Release Updates.   As always, you can call the department's main number, 673-7647.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Free food for those without power

News released from HSEMA early this morning:
District of Columbia Opens Food Distribution Centers to Address Emergency Need

City officials activate comprehensive food plan for residents

(Washington, DC) – With over 40,000 residents across the District of Columbia still without power since the June 29 derecho (the meteorological term for a long-lived severe thunderstorm event characterized by destructive straight-line winds), Mayor Vincent C. Gray has authorized the opening of food distribution centers to help assist individuals currently without the means to cook meals at home.

The Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) is currently providing food for the youth that attend their program. In addition, the District Government will set up six food distribution sites to provide boxed lunches on Tuesday July 3, and will operate during the hours of 11:00 am to 9:00 pm.

DPR Food distribution sites will be located at:

Guy Mason Recreation Center
3600 Calvert Street NW

Emery Recreation Center
5801 Georgia Avenue NW

Takoma Recreation Center
300 Van Buren Street NW

Langdon Recreation Center
2901 20th Street NE

Deanwood Recreation Center
1350 49th Street NW

Southeast Tennis and Learning Center
701 Mississippi Avenue SE

Free food from Panera in Dupont Circle

The Panera Bread Café in DuPont Circle (1350 Connecticut Ave NW) will donate day-old bread, pastries, and bagels to community groups.   The store throws away every night up to eight trash bags full of unsold baked goods baked earlier in the day.   The restaurant will give community organizations the food at closing, 9:00 pm.   If interested, call the store, at (202-862-8536), to make arrangements for pick-up.

This was originally posted on the DC Food For All Google group.

Monday, July 2, 2012

DC Council committee communications

The Committee on the Judiciary’s June 22 Hearing Overview Sheet (PDF) lists all upcoming hearings the Committee has scheduled as of June 13, 2012.   More information about the Committee and updates to the hearing schedule are on the committee web page.   You can receive this regular update by emailing Committee Clerk Brian Moore.

The Committee on Health June 22 update (PDF) and the June 29 health committee update are out.