Monday, June 11, 2012

Ward 6 blogger discusses poverty in Ward 6

Ward 6 blogger and sociologist and anthropologist by profession Johanna Bockman has started what I think is a solid discussion about poverty and the working poor.   Who are the poor in Ward 6? starts with the basics:
Are students who are working for free on internships poor? Are retired people no longer making an income poor? Who are the poor in Ward 6? I'll start with an easy first snapshot of those who receive means-tested public assistance...

Bockman walks readers through the data related to welfare, SSI (support for disabled individuals) and SNAP (Food Stamps) and there is no surprise that much of the ward is not poor.   What I appreciate most about this post is Bockman's use of real-life examples.   She writes, for example, that barbers and salon shampooers, fast food cooks, dishwashers, cashiers, and food prep workers all qualify for SNAP (earnings dependent, of course).   Of these professions, food prep workers make the most at $22,510 annually.

I am looking forward to future posts on this subject from Bockman.   I hope we can get down into the weeds of the causes of poverty and be adult students of this thoughtful community member.

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