Thursday, June 7, 2012

Acting Chair Mary Cheh's Statement on Future of Council

From the DC Council website:
Acting Chair Mary Cheh's Statement on Future of Council

Mary M. Cheh, Chair Pro Tempore of the Council of the District of Columbia, issued the following statement today:

"I want to reassure everyone that the work of the Council will continue uninterrupted. We will move forward focused on the business the people elected us to do.

"In accordance with Section 401(b)(3) of the Home Rule Act, I plan to convene the entire Council for a special meeting next Wednesday, June 13th, when we will adopt a resolution to elect an Interim Chair and Interim Chair Pro Tempore. Under the Home Rule Act, both positions will be selected from among the at-large members. Consequently, after their election, I will step aside as Chair Pro Tempore. The meeting will be open to the public.

"Under the Council Rules, the Interim Chair would become Chair of the Committee of the Whole, and would retain his role as Chair of his existing standing committee. Also, according to the Home Rule Act, the Interim Chair cannot hold outside employment, and will be eligible to receive an increase in compensation at the rate of the Chairman. The Interim Chair of the Council will serve in that role until a special election."

The Council Rules referenced by the Acting Chair are here in LIMS.

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