Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Let's take Joe Smith's advice and shake 12 times

I don't know about you, but I don't much think about paper towels other than I try to use them sparingly.

Joe Smith, on the other hand, has spent a great deal of time thinking about them.   And he's teaching people how to use paper towels to dry their hands the right way.   Yes, the right way.   Which implies there is a wrong way.

Check out this funny talk at TEDxConcordiaUPortland in which Joe Smith reveals the trick to perfect paper towel technique.

According to Better Life's How to break the paper towel habit,
  • As many as 51,000 trees per day are required to replace the number of paper towels that are discarded every day.
  • 40% of U.S. landfill trash is paper products.
  • The paper industry is the third largest contributor to global warming.
  • The average American discards of 700 pounds or more of paper each year.
  • If every household in the U.S. used just one less 70-sheet roll of virgin fiber paper towels, that would save 544,000 trees each year. Change that to using three less rolls per U.S. household per year, and that would save 120,000 tons of waste and $4.1 million in landfill dumping fees.

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